About John

It all started when I was six years old and one of our neighbors called my mother to report that I was playing her piano, much to Mom’s surprise. Two years later I got a piano of my own and began studying with a Julliard graduate who left my ‘natural ear’ intact while she taught me theory and technique.

Soon I added the organ, B-flat clarinet, and tenor saxophone to my repertoire of instruments, playing in the All-State Band my Senior year at Merkel High School, the UT Longhorn Band for four years, and the 236th Army National Guard Band for six years. All the while I played the piano and organ at church and for private parties and events.

Music remained a “hobby” for me until the year 2000, when I left corporate America and ventured forth as the musician I really am. With the help of a friend, I realized that I could write song lyrics and then create the music that brings those lyrics to life. In the past few years my improvisational music and I have shared the stage with some incredible musicians, as well as Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Greg Braden, Byron Katie, and James Van Praagh.

Music is the gift that flows through me. My passion and commitment is to give that gift of Love to the world. “When I think of Love, the very thought of Love is You.”

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