Music has always been the most important facet of my being. From the first time I sat at a piano when I was six years old and played a song I'd heard on the radio, to the recording of 'Divine Appointment', I've always known that I'd been given a gift that must be shared.

Living my life has given me the opportunity to draw on a myriad of experiences that have shaped my heart and created the love that I now express. That this music will speak to your heart is my fondest desire.

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John has an innate gift in translating thoughts, emotions and feelings into music. To sit and witness a live performance is profound beyond measure. The emotion behind his music leaves you in awe of what is truly possible for a composer. Every time I hear a recorded version or a live performance by John I am reminded of the raw emotions that live behind the music that has been created. His music is a true reflection of the man he is in the world; Powerful, Spiritual and Loving.
   -- Carolyn Miller