I have a John Hardesty playlist on my iPod and laptop so I can listen to his music anytime I need to reconnect with Spirit. I feel immediately soothed and deeply present to the beauty of life. I asked John to compose a theme for my spiritual intelligence work that I could play in my workshops. He composed a beautiful piece which I am proud to play. At its debut all the folks in the room got up and danced for joy! He is a poet who uses music as his medium. And I am proud to call him my friend.

-- Cindy Wigglesworth

John Hardesty's talent for creating music is, in a word, rare. I'm certain that this comes from the fact that his music comes directly from his soul. I've had the privilege of listening to John's music for many years now, including concerts, CD's and casual performances, not to mention the moving music he wrote for my wife and me when we were married, and it's evident that there are few in this world for whom it comes so naturally. It is both inspiring and refreshing that, particularly in today's world, there is still such beautiful purity, expressed through delightful sound. Thanks, John, for what you provide!

-- Justin Williams

John Hardesty is the REAL DEAL...an amazing talent and gift to all! His lyrics are succinct and carry dynamic and important mesages about the human condition and lives well-lived. That he can then put those words to such POWERFUL music, that penetrates the heart, mind and soul, seals the blessing.

-- Linda Reneberg

John has an innate gift in translating thoughts, emotions and feelings into music. To sit and witness a live performance is profound beyond measure. The emotion behind his music leaves you in awe of what is truly possible for a composer. Every time I hear a recorded version or a live performance by John I am reminded of the raw emotions that live behind the music that has been created. His music is a true reflection of the man he is in the world; Powerful, Spiritual and Loving.

-- Carolyn Miller

John’s music is clearly a measure of the man. He and his music are at once relaxing and exhilarating, peaceful and joyous, balanced and enthusiastic. His music, just as John himself, evokes love, within each of us and between all of us.

-- Dr. Ken Mann

We were amazed at how John captured the essence of our relationship from a short questionnaire. The song he wrote for us made our wedding special and meaningful; it was the highlight for the day, a beautiful expression of our love.

-- Robin & Jack Wilson

It is said that music opens the heart and feeds the soul. John’s music is pure love and pries open our wounded hearts, making it safe to remember who we truly are and why we’re here! Thank you, John for feeding me the so deeply and loving us all with your music.

-- Cecile Eatherly

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